In all my work, my first priority is to build and help others build connections that work. By widening our networks of support for both facing challenges and celebrating successes and milestones, we can face some of our large-scale challenges much more effectively while mitigating some of the consequences of out-of-date and harmful management and business practices. I believe that finding sustainable options for all areas of business, from supply chains to work-life balance, helps small businesses thrive and meet their markets.

I am invested in ongoing education and learning for both personal and professional development. I encourage those with whom I work as they expand their knowledge, both for work and in their hobbies.

Focus on Local Tools for Local Needs
As much as possible, I try to foster connections between local businesses to provide a network of mutual support.

Access and Accessibility
Ie work to mitigate physical and socioeconomic barriers to participation in communities and society that exist for marginalized populations, including newcomers, gender and sexual minorities, racial and cultural minorities, and those living in poverty. Small businesses thrive when their communities are strong.

Maintaining a Careful Balance Between Innovation and the Needs of Our Most Vulnerable Citizens
I enjoy engaging with new technology and old crafting techniques, and am excited about opportunities to use them in public spaces both as a creator myself and as a means of building connections between those spaces and their communities. I am cautious, however, of expanding into these realms at the expense of more traditional services that may be more vital in some communities. I strive for careful balance, with consideration of the needs of individual neighborhoods and cities.



When you work on your own, it’s easy to take the path of least resistance and use the tools you already know to make things work. As your business grows, though, it’s time to organize your workflows and make sure “the way it works” actually works when other people are involved. After an extensive discovery process to get to know your business and the tools you feel most comfortable using, we’ll get you set up with the right tools as well as contracts, manuals, tutorials, and documentation so your business can grow smoothly no matter how many people you need on board.
All possible efforts will be made to abide by provincial and federal legislation; however, to ensure full compliance, all legal documentation should be reviewed & vetted by your legal advisor.

Options Include:
-Template Creation
-Contract Development
-Hiring & Human Resources Documentation

-Policies & Procedures*
-Operations Development & -Stakeholder Training


With all the tools out there for running your business, it’s tough to know what you really need, and it seems like everybody wants to sell you on a platform for managing your records. Whether you’re using an established tool like Quickbooks or something tailored to your work like PracticeBetter, JaneApp, 17Hats, or Honeybook, we’ve spent lots of time in the sandbox and can work with you to set up and maintain your tools effectively. And with our extensive familiarity with the variety of available options, we can also help you choose the right tool for your business, so you don’t have to start over later.

Options Include:
Quickbooks Subscription Discounts Available
-Set-Up and Training
-Employee Onboarding
-Inventory Services
-Ongoing Record Management
-Ongoing Invoicing Support
-Ongoing Payroll Management
-Set-Up & Training
-Employee Onboarding & Records
-Ongoing Payroll Management


Hiring your first employee is a daunting task. What qualifications do you need? How much should you pay them? Hourly or salary? What’s the best place to post a job, and how do you handle the applications? How can you make sure your interview process is equitable?
From strategy and job boards, training and onboarding right through to timekeeping and payroll, we can guide and support you through your first, fifth, or twentieth hire.

Options Include:
-New-Hire Onboarding Systems
-Hands-On Training Exercises
-Video, Audio, & Written Tutorials
-Onboarding & Training Strategies
-Human Resources Documentation
-Handbook Development
-Hands-On Training Exercises
-Video, Audio, and Written Tutorials
-Best Practices Guidance
-Project & Team Management Tools like Asana, AirTable, ClickUp, and more!

Custom Setup, Onboarding, and Support in tools like:

Account Setup & Training
Mailing List Management
Template Creation & Training
Automation Building
Integrations & Custom Builds
E-Mail Marketing Strategy
Comprehensive Reporting


Although I create a custom strategy package for every client, you probably want some idea of what to expect. Here are some of the packages I've built in the past:

Business Management for Small Businesses and Startups Ready to Grow

Starting at $2000 per month for six months

Support for government filings (business registration, employer payroll registration) and file management
Systems & documentation
Policy drafting (human resources, team management, health & safety, etc)
Data organization & system security advice
Setup and integration of bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll tools*
Management of payroll, invoicing, and records for duration of contract
Full stakeholder training
First-round hiring strategy & campaign support
Newly-incorporating companies and new partnerships will need additional legal advice for their incorporation documentation and may wish to consult legal advice before finalizing policies.
*Tax preparation not offered at this time, but we’re happy to collaborate with your accountant to develop a system to best manage your records and bookkeeping tools for a streamlined tax preparation process.

Initial configuration of business management, accounting, or payroll tools, like Quickbooks, Honeybook, or Wagepoint.
$500-700 per platform

Ongoing support for managing your business, including payroll, record-keeping, contracts and client records, invoicing, and bookkeeping.
Starting at $1500 per month; custom estimates based on services desired